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"Southern Oregon Resource Alliance's Press Release May 9, 2013"

By Jack Swift, J.D. Vice Chairman

Southern Oregon Resource Alliance (SORA) today filed suit in Josephine County Court against Josephine County Legal Counsel seeking disclosure of documents SORA claims are public documents.

SORA is seeking copies of the citizen complaints filed with the Environmental Health Department alleging solid waste public nuisances which have led to County Legal prosecution of land owners. County Legal has refused SORA's public records request, claiming attorney-client confidentiality.

SORA claims the issue is important in light of the petition request underway seeking referendum of four new County ordinances dealing with public nuisance and all other County ordinance violations. The County Commissioners have alleged the need for the new ordinances, which SORA sees as Draconian, is a backlog of 300 citizen complaints of solid waste and public nuisance jammed up by 50 actions currently lodged in prolonged and cumbersome court actions. SORA claims there is reason to doubt they exist.

Two weeks of searching by Legal Counsel in response to an earlier public records request seeking all citizen complaints filed under the existing solid waste and public nuisance ordinance during the year 2012 disclosed 14 such records filed during the year, not one of which met the legal requirements for a valid complaint under the existing ordinance. Since there cannot be a backlog of 300 unaddressed nuisance complaints, SORA is seeking proof of the claim that there are 50 such actions in the courts and legal counsel has refused to provide that proof.

SORA is concerned about the new ordinances because SORA regards the land as the ultimate natural resource. It supports the trees and the crops that grow upon it. It provides the minerals within it and the water that wells from it. Without free and economical use of the land, there are no other natural resources. The new package of County legislation, Ordinances 2013-002, 2013- 003, 2013-004, and 2013-005, create an entirely new level of land use regulation police, a unique hearings court for land use regulation enforcement, and funding of land use regulation departments by way of fines imposed upon landowners. SORA sees this as nothing more than bureaucratic interference in the free market development of resources.

SORA contends the County does not need regulation enforcement police when it cannot afford law enforcement police.

Jack Swift Southern Oregon Resource Alliance Vice Chairman


Our organization "Citizens Saving Private Property" has qualified to seek necessary signatures to force a referendum on these ordinances.

A total of 2,000 active voter signatures are needed by July 9, 2013

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